Our American friends

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and all of us here at PingPipe would like to send a thank-you to all of our American clients for choosing us as their hosting provider. So far this year we've had a fantastic response to all of the new dedicated server configurations that we have offered, and we welcome all of our new clients in the US and from all over the world to the PingPipe family. As a special thank-you we'll be contacting every one of you over the next few days with some exclusive holiday specials. Thank-you for choosing webhosting with PingPipe !
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VoIP for business

VoIP (voice over IP)  is a great way to generate revenue and reduce your company's telecommunication costs.  More and more of our dedicated server new account sign ups have been using their servers for VoIP, and have been asking us to offer servers with VoIP software pre-installed.  In response  to this great demand PingPipe will soon be launching a new line of dedicated servers, complete with industry leading VoIP software. Keep checking back  or contact your sales representative for more details.
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choosing your domain name

With so many possible domain name extensions to choose from it can be difficult to decide which to use for your business. When deciding on a domain name for your web site dot com is still king in the domain world, especially for ecommerce sites. What should you do if they domain name you want has already been taken? One option is to do a search of the WHOIS database to find out the current owner and ask them if they'd like to sell the domain name to you. The WHOIS database is like the telephone "white pages" of the internet, it lists all the domain names that are owned, and the registrant's contact information. Another option would be to change your domain name choice slightly. If you decide to try this, it's best to avoid hyphens. It's quite possible that many people will forget to include the dash and you will just be driving traffic to your competitor.  Generally, a domain name that can be written as a single word  (like mydomain.com) will present a more professional image and be easier for prospective clients to remember. As we mentioned in a previous post, there are many domain extensions available. If you can't get the .com you might want to consider the .net. Regional extensions (like .co.uk) are a good choice if you are targeting a specific country. In order to help as much as possible with search engine optimization get a domain name that directly relates to your target market and contains keyword(s) related to your product or service. PingPipe offers a great domain registration service. You can purchase yours when you sign up for your dedicated server or shared hosting service, or add one later at anytime from the PingPipe client area.
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A Brief History of Domain Names

In the earliest days of the internet there were no domain names. There were few enough servers on the internet that reaching the one you wanted by typing an IP address didn’t seem to be a problem. As the number of servers on the internet grew it became increasingly cumbersome to remember a long series of seemingly random numbers that made up each IP address. This was no longer a problem after 1984, the year that the “name server” was invented.  You no longer had to remember a long series of seemingly random numbers to reach a web server; you now could access it by a recognizable name. .com was intended for commercial sites (released in 1985) .net was intended for network sites (released in 1985) .org was intended for non-commercial organizations (released in 1985) There were other extensions to be aware of, but they didn’t come up too often: .edu is used for educational institutions, mostly post-secondary (released in 1985) .gov is used for the US government (released in 1985) As long as you remembered that the website of the White House was whitehouse.gov (as it is part of the government) and not a commercial site you were fine. (the .com is a pornographic site) Eventually all the “good” domain names were claimed and in 2000 the following top-level domains became available: .aero is used exclusively for the aviation community. (released in 2002) .biz was intended for business sites. (released in 2001) .coop is used exclusively for co-operative community. (released in 2001) .info intended for informational websites, anyone can register one. (released in 2001 ) .museum exclusively for the museum community. (released in 2001 ) .name was intended for individuals. (released in 2001) .pro was intended for professionals. (released in 2004 ) In 2003 the following were approved: .asia a regional domain  (released in 2006) .cat is used exclusively to highlight the Catalan language and culture. (released in 2005) .jobs is meant to help companies hire new employees. (released in 2005) .mobi is to be used exclusively for the mobile internet. (released in 2005) .tel was intended to be used for storing contact details. (released in 2005) .travel was intended for use by the travel industry (released in 2005) There are currently well over 100 million active registered domain names with these extensions. In addition to all these there are also country-specific domains, such as .dk for Germany, .cn for China, and .ca for Canada. When these country-specific domains are included the total number of all active domain names world-wide is astronomical. Just this past month news was released that “non-English-alphebet” domain extensions will soon be available as well. Top-level extensions of all Korean characters (for instance) will be added into the Domain Name Server (DNS) records. With so many available domain extensions to choose from and remember one has to wonder if we might have come full circle. Remembering IP numbers might be more convenient.
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Successful Blogging for Business.

In the highly competitive marketplace that we currently find ourselves businesses of all sizes are reconsidering how to make their advertising budget more effective. Gone are the days when a company would only have to purchase a telephone book advertisement to generate new sales. Most consumer buying decisions are now based on research done on the Internet, and how a business appears online has a direct effect on its bottom line. Many experts claim that a company should increase the amount they spend on marketing when the economy is in decline, fortunately online marketing does not have to be a major expense. The fundamentals of an effective online marketing campaign are the same as any other:  generating the maximum amount of revenue as a return on the amount of money you invest.  It’s pretty easy to get your contact information listed in online directories, but if that is the only way you are advertising online you are letting someone else control the delivery of your message. To effectively advertise online a company has to have its own website. Your company website is a ``virtual business card`` that is always available to your new sales prospects. A blog is a quick and easy way to update both established and new clients. With a quick visit to your blog they can learn all your company news and sales specials. You don`t need to have any knowledge of website design to launch your blog.  All shared hosting accounts with PingPipe include user-friendly template software that will let you choose the look and feel of your blog, and make changes whenever you want to. There are literally hundreds of themes available, and if you prefer to have unique layouts just ask and we’ll provide you with a list of fully qualified blog designers. Click here to learn more about hosting your blog with PingPipe.
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