Voip with PingPipe for the office

Many businesses are turning to voip as a way to lower their monthly costs. This presents a great opportunity for providers, many small to medium size workplaces are using outdated, expensive telecommunication services and all workplaces want to lower costs wherever possible. In today's global economy communication is key. Although traditional long distance telephone rates have lowered in the past few years, there is substantial monthly savings available for companies who move to voip for their telephone needs. The Voipswitch dedicated servers that are available from PingPipe are the ideal solution for voip companies wanting to target this marketplace.  It's easy to get started, and full training is available if you are new to the industry. You can start service for as little as $488 per month with Genuine Voipswitch software to handle 200 concurrent calls. As your basic business grows you can seamlessly upgrade your license to handle 500 concurrent calls. Likewise, at anytime you can contact us to add on the PBX module.  Then you'll be able to start offering your business clients lower monthly costs, and a state-of-the-art PBX system that includes such features as : automated  receptionist, voicemail, configurable answering rules, music on call waiting, reports, statistics, web callback,  and much more. We've added a comprehensive overview of the voipswitch PBX system to the PingPipe download area, and our sales team is always available to answer any pre-sales questions you have. Once your server is online you can rest assured with the complete software training and 24/7 support that is available. To see the complete line of self-managed dedicated servers that available  visit the PingPipe homepage.
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Voip training on video

If you are new to the voip industry and not sure where to get started, you can rest easy with PingPipe.  Voipswitch dedicated servers with PingPipe have full training available, and we are always building out the PingPipe knowledgebase with reference articles and downloads.  There are also times when it's easier to understand software when you can actually see how it works. The team over at Voipswitch have a channel on youtube, and they've been busy uploading lots of great training videos. Whether you're an experienced user or brand-new to the software, it's a great technical resource. Of course, if you ever have any questions that you can't find the answer to in our knowledgebase on on youtube, helpful Voipswitch software support is always available from the PingPipe client area. There has never been a better time to start a voip business or upgrade your current dedicated server. PingPipe has fully scalable voip solutions available starting at just $488/month. For more details and to schedule a demo contact our friendly sales team.
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Now with more Knowledgebase.

Support is important when choosing a dedicated server provider, especially when your business depends on it.  When PingPipe partnered with Voipswitch, software support was in the forefront of our discussions. They agree with our  corporate philosophy of always exceeding expectations, and have extended access to their online knowledgebase to all PingPipe clients. Our knowledgebase is growing daily as we build out a support article database for Voipswitch software. If you ever have any questions that we haven't answered yet just enter a support ticket from the PingPipe Client Area, and the next available technician will respond. Both PingPipe and our partners are committed to constantly exceeding your expectations.
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Save on setup

PingPipe has  lowered the setup cost on all dual processor dedicated servers. Get up to 12 GB of RAM and 6000GB Premium traffic included for just $49 setup - half off our regular setup cost for these servers. Choose your dedicated  server with PingPipe  in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle and enjoy peace of mind with 100% network uptime, 100% power availability and our zero packet loss guarantee.  Redundant high capacity providers ensure that data will always be routed on the quickest route to the internet backbone with non-oversubscribed Premium bandwidth. For more information visit the PingPipe homepage, or contact our sales department.
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Start spreading the news

PingPipe dedicated servers in New York City are great for voip. We've got a great program for voip service providers that combines  state-of-the-art dedicated servers, Voipswitch software, and 6000 GB/month premium traffic on a 100Mb/s port for one low price. These servers are ideal for new voip companies, all Voipswitch software training is included. You can get started for as little as $488/month with an Intel Nehalem dedicated server (Quad core 2.26 GHz, 4GB RAM, 500 GB SATA hard drive, Windows 2003 Standard), genuine Voipswitch software for 200 concurrent calls, and full software training. Friendly knowledgeable technical support is always available if you run into difficulties. As your business grows and you need to support more calls there is no worry, all that's needed is a tech support ticket and your license can be upgraded to 500 concurrent calls without having to migrate servers. PingPipe also has both single processor and dual processor dedicated servers that are the choice of established voip companies. We've been helping businesses with their dedicated server requirements over a decade.  Our experienced sales professionals would be happy to help you find the most cost effective solution for your webhosting needs - no matter what your budget. For more information please enter a request for quote from our convenient online pre-sales contact form and we'll get back to you right away.
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Voipswitch setup fees reduced

PingPipe has reduced all setup fees on our Voipswitch dedicated servers. Software installation and training is now included for a one time setup fee of only $49 ! These Dell servers have 6000 GB of traffic included on a 100 Mb/s premium bandwidth port. Your server will be located in a secure datacenter located in New York City, right at the center of Manhattan's financial district - the connectivity is fantastic ! Of course you'll have our 100% network uptime and power availability guarantee as well. These servers are moving fast. Click here for full details , start your voip business for as little as $488/month.
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Voipswitch on your desktop

The Flash desktop agent for Voipswitch has been added as a free download at the PingPipe client area. This is standalone application that runs in your desktop tray, and will work on any operating system i.e. Windows, Apple and Linux. The main features of this software include:
  • • Contacts, address book from the server.
  • • Making and receiving calls.
  • • Connect two conference, callback.
  • • Sending SMS and v-cards.
  • • Option for making and receiving calls using VoIP hardware phone.
PingPipe is an official recognized host of VoipSwitch.  We offer scalable solutions hosted on Dell servers with premium bandwidth in state-of-the-art network operations centers. If you have any questions about this great feature please contact us via our convenient online pre-sales form located here,  and a member of our team will get back to you right away.
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KVM for your server

KVM is short for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse.  Sometimes your server may have locked up, or be causing other problems, and you need an advanced way to troubleshoot what is the cause. Perhaps you are installing new software and would like direct remote access. KVM is a great tool for this. Once connected from your internet  browser, KVM functions like a remote console. The desktop you are connecting from will display console information as if you were standing in front of your server with a direct cable connection. Dell has an option for a proprietary controller named DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) that operates very similar to a KVM over IP.  The remote access not only is good for troubleshooting, but also allows you to remotely reboot and power down your server. PingPipe is now providing DRAC access to your Nehalem configuration dedicated servers at no additional charge.  Connecting to your server remotely is easy, as soon as your server is online you'll receive detailed instructions. Choose to locate your server in state-of-the-art facilities in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Seattle...all locations include this great feature. This feature applies to both the single processor and dual processor dedicated servers.
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Android mobile phone and VoIP

Voipswitch software for your client's that use Android mobile phones is now available as a free download from the PingPipe client area. The main features of the software include:
  • • The user can make and receive SIP calls.
  • • The ability to make outgoing and receive incoming SIP calls from behind VoIP blockades/firewalls in any region.
  • • The address book from the mobile phone is fully integrated with the voip mobile software.
  • • Redial button
  • • Real time call data records are logged
  • • The latest calls are logged on the softphone.
  • • Last call cost and duration.
  • • Check the rate of any phone number before making a call.
  • • The softphone records the Balance information.
  • • Loudspeaker.
  • • Audio control.
  • • Sending and receiving SMS (over SIP).
Mobile phones that run the Android operating system include:  Dell Mini3i,  docomo HT-03A,  ERA G1, General Mobile DSTL1 Imaginary,  Google Nexus One,  GW620 Eve, HKC Imobile v413,  HKC Pearl, HTC click, HTC Dragon, HTC Dream,  HTC Droid Eris, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, HTC Sapphire, HTC Tattpp, Huawei U8220, Lenovo OPhone,  MOTO MT710, Motorola Calgary, Motorola CLIQ, Motorola DEXT, Qigi i6, Motorola Droid, Motorola Milestone, PP5420, Samsung Behold II, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung I5700, Samsung I7500, Samsung Moment, Samsung Spica, SciPhone N19, SciPhone N21, T mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile G!, T-Mobile G2 Touch, T-Mobile Pulse, and Tiger G3. In addition to the regular lineup of self managed dedicated servers, PingPipe now offers a variety of dedicated servers with genuine VoipSwitch software installed.
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Blackberry mobile phone and VoIP

VoIP callback software for Blackberry mobile phone is available as a free download from the PingPipe client area. After install instead of paying for outgoing calls you will be only be charged for incoming calls.
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