VOIP for HTC mobile phones

voip for mobile phones HTC mobile phones can make and receive VOIP calls using your Voipswitch with PingPipe.  The client software for your mobile phone is available as a free download from the PingPipe Client Area. HTC Dash™, HTC Dash 3G™, HTC Imagio™, HTC Ozone™, HTC Shadow™, HTC Tilt™, HTC Tilt2™, HTC Pure™, HTC TOUCH Diamond™, HTC Touch Pro™, HTC Touch Pro 2™, HTC Snap™, HTC Wing™, HTC ppc6800™, HTC XV6800™, HTC xv6900™ all support this application. The Windows mobile phone plugin for your Voipswitch dedicated server can also be ordered at anytime via a support ticket from the PingPipe Client Area.
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Forward a phone number to a voip phone

A phone number assigned to a user account on your Voipswitch dedicated server with PingPipe. can receive calls on his softphone or sip device or can set call forwarding directly from a web portal. A good example of how call forwarding can be used would be if one of your clients is living and working in Dubai and has a family living in Pakistan. The user orders a DID (phone number) in Pakistan usually for a small monthly price. Then he goes to a client web portal and configures his call forwarding to forward all calls to his local number in Dubai. When his family from Pakistan wants to call him they just dial local number and hear his phone in Dubai ringing. When (and only when) the user answers the family pays for the connection at the same rate as for a local call. Your client user would pay for forwarding to his Dubai number but at the rate you charge them for service. PingPipe makes it easy to start a voip company, we have configurations that will support from 200 to 1000 concurrent calls, and beyond. For more information visit our voip dedicated server page.
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VOIP business for under $400

PingPipe has just made it easier than ever to become a  VOIP service provider. It is now possible to get started with a powerful Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz server including 6000 GB Premium traffic on a 100 Mb/s port and genuine Voipswitch  software that will support up to 200 concurrent calls - all for under $400 per month.

All PingPipe VOIP Packages include:

  • Complete installation and configuration
  • Multi-protocol softswitch.
  • Continuous VoipSwitch software updates.
  • Integrated client billing.
  • Comprehensive management interfaces.
  • Web interfaces for end users.
  • PC-to-Phone.
  • Mobile Dialer.
  • Calling card support.
  • Resellers module.
  • Callshop module.
  • Instant messengers with voice and SMS.
  • SIP soft phone.
  • 24/7 support.
  • and more!
VoipSwitch is a high quality, scalable, and cost efficient platform for telecommunications service providers. PingPipe is your one-stop provider for convenient reliable Voipswitch dedicated servers. Choose to host your Voipswitch server with PingPipe state of the art Network Operations Centers on the US east coast at Atlanta and New York City, in the central US at Chicago and Dallas, and on the west coast at Seattle and Los Angeles. It's never been easier to get started in the voip business. For more details check out the special voip dedicated server page at PingPipe.com.

Three times more Premium Traffic

PingPipe has just tripled the included traffic on our 2.4Ghz Intel Quad Core dedicated servers, and kept the same low price ! Servers are available in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. 6000GB of Premium traffic on a 100Mb/s port is now included . These servers are moving fast, visit PingPipe.com to order yours today, or click here for more details.