Sony Data Hack Security Lessons

You may have never enjoyed playing a video game on a PlayStation, and might not watch many movies, use a camera, or listen to a lot of music - even if you have trouble spelling the company name - each of us can learn a valuable lesson from the fallout of the recent data breach that happened at Sony. By now everyone should be aware of the basics of online security and protecting password information. The next time that you have logged into one of your favourite ecommece websites and are preparing to buy something... after you have checked for the https secure website lock and entered your credit card number, but before you press the enter key to make that online purchase, remember that even multi-national mega-uber-conglamerate companies like Sony have been victims of data breaches. Life is full of risks and there are very few things in life that you can always rely on, however there is ONE thing that is always true online. Nothing on the internet is 100% secure.