Buying a .co domain name

The initial frenzy over the release of the .co domain extension seems to have calmed, even after the Godaddy Superbowl commercial this year that featured Joan Rivers as the new " Girl". The joke might be on all the people who rushed out to buy a .co domain name:  they can dress a domain name advertisement up to look like the ones that promote .com registrations, but it still won't be a a .com that you will be buying. The fact is that .co will never be the first choice for the majority of informed domain purchasers, and there is a lot of other domain extensions that are more recognizable. The .co extension is related to the country of Columbia, and while having one might help generate awareness of your website to Columbians -  a .co domain name probably won't give your websites the same world-wide brand awareness that other extensions like .com and .net will.  Choosing the right domain name is getting more and more difficult with all the new extensions that are available. helps take this worry away for you, with one-stop webhosting solutions and and years of experience helping thousands of satisfied clients in choosing and registering their domain names.
Posted in Domain Names by PingPipe at March 4th, 2011.
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