buying dedicated servers

If you think that you will be needing a dedicated server for the next three or more years you might want to consider buying the server hardware and colocating it with PingPipe. It certainly can help lower your monthly webhosting costs. PingPipe service is much more than ping, power, pipe. It’s also highly skilled staff will also custom design configurations to your exact specifications and 24/7 technical support. PingPipe hardware purchase packages that include brand new Dell servers for colocation is available in both the US (New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, Miami) and Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver). Colocation is in secure Network Operations Centers with multiple Tier 1 upstream providers. Operating system technical support is available 24/7 from the PingPipe client area, a three year server hardware warranty is included  with 24/7 on-site Dell Technician service with Emergency dispatch available. This solution is ideal for people who want to own and use brand new dedicated servers.  From a cost-savings standpoint, the longer that you own the servers the lower your monthly costs. Contact the sales team at to learn more

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