choosing dedicated server hardware

There is a wide choice of server configurations available, this makes it difficult when deciding which will best fill your needs. You will need to consider any minimum system requirements of any software you will be installing on the server, your plans for expanding your online presence, as well as your budget. PingPipe offers a wide selection of base hardware configurations, and our highly experienced sales technicians are available to assist you in making your choice. If your site gets a relatively small amount of traffic, or you plan to use your server for backup or fail-over, our least expensive configuration would be a great match for you. We are currently offering a Intel Dual Core 2.4 Ghz server with 2GB RAM starting at just $89/month. If you will be using your server for VOIP, for currency and foreign exchange trading, or as a gameserver or database server (for instance) you will probably need more processor power. Quite a few of our clients start their VOIP business with one of our Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 servers This server works great for a new business, and with a price under $150/month is very affordable. Businesses who need even more power often choose one of our dual processor dedicated servers when they sign up. One great advantage in choosing PingPipe is that you can seamlessly upgrade to a more powerful server at anytime. In many situations it is better to just add another server to your account and start load balancing. We recommend that you monitor your server’s resource usage, and when you notice sustained levels of 50% or more of capacity, contact our Sales team. They have many years of webhosting experience and will help you find the most cost efficient solution.

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