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With so many possible domain name extensions to choose from it can be difficult to decide which to use for your business. When deciding on a domain name for your web site dot com is still king in the domain world, especially for ecommerce sites. What should you do if they domain name you want has already been taken? One option is to do a search of the WHOIS database to find out the current owner and ask them if they'd like to sell the domain name to you. The WHOIS database is like the telephone "white pages" of the internet, it lists all the domain names that are owned, and the registrant's contact information. Another option would be to change your domain name choice slightly. If you decide to try this, it's best to avoid hyphens. It's quite possible that many people will forget to include the dash and you will just be driving traffic to your competitor.  Generally, a domain name that can be written as a single word  (like will present a more professional image and be easier for prospective clients to remember. As we mentioned in a previous post, there are many domain extensions available. If you can't get the .com you might want to consider the .net. Regional extensions (like are a good choice if you are targeting a specific country. In order to help as much as possible with search engine optimization get a domain name that directly relates to your target market and contains keyword(s) related to your product or service. PingPipe offers a great domain registration service. You can purchase yours when you sign up for your dedicated server or shared hosting service, or add one later at anytime from the PingPipe client area.
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