99 Reasons to Choose PingPipe Dedicated Servers

Let's admit it: for quite some time now many web hosting companies have failed to keep pace with the marketplace when setting traffic limits on their dedicated server rental packages.  These companies have low included traffic levels,  which leaves their clients in a position that they want to generate traffic for their server...just not too much traffic so they will have to pay overages. PingPipe takes the stress out of bandwidth invoicing with our selection of dedicated servers, with monthly hosting specials that include 6000 GB of traffic on a 100 Mb/s uplink port at no additional charge, and the ability to upgrade your included bandwidth at anytime. Having a dedicated server configuration that is both powerful enough to handle future needs and cost-effective in today's marketplace, and we've just uncovered 99 more reasons to choose PingPipe for your web hosting solution. Each of those reasons is an included GB of traffic with our new high traffic dedicated servers.  We now have available Intel Quad core and Dual Quad core dedicated servers with two 500GB SATA hard drives, up to 12 GB included RAM and 99TB traffic on a 1 Gb/s dedicated port for less than $250 per month in Washington, DC.  Contact the PingPipe sales team today for more information.

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