Intel i3 Dual Core Dedicated Server Promo

Spring is in the air and here at PingPipe we're celebrating with a new promotion that features Intel i3 dual core dedicated servers. As with all of our specials these servers include 6000 GB traffic on a 100 Mb/s port (additional traffic can be ordered at anytime, and our optional upgrade to 1 Gb/s uplink port is always available.  The Intel i3 is a powerful 3.06 Ghz dual core processor, and we've bundled that together with 2 GB RAM and a 500 GB SATA hard drive at a great price of just $120 per month. Best of all, setup is free and we don't ask you to commit to any long term contracts.  We guarantee 100% network uptime and super-fast connectivity to the internet backbone, visit today for more information and to sign up !

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