KVM for your server

KVM is short for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse.  Sometimes your server may have locked up, or be causing other problems, and you need an advanced way to troubleshoot what is the cause. Perhaps you are installing new software and would like direct remote access. KVM is a great tool for this. Once connected from your internet  browser, KVM functions like a remote console. The desktop you are connecting from will display console information as if you were standing in front of your server with a direct cable connection. Dell has an option for a proprietary controller named DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) that operates very similar to a KVM over IP.  The remote access not only is good for troubleshooting, but also allows you to remotely reboot and power down your server. PingPipe is now providing DRAC access to your Nehalem configuration dedicated servers at no additional charge.  Connecting to your server remotely is easy, as soon as your server is online you'll receive detailed instructions. Choose to locate your server in state-of-the-art facilities in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Seattle...all locations include this great feature. This feature applies to both the single processor and dual processor dedicated servers.

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