The Importance of IPMI

IPMI is a very useful tool that you can use to help you administer your dedicated server. IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface, although most people who have ever made use of an IPMI probably do not know that, most people just call it IPMI. One of the things that an IPMI is most often used for is remote reboots and power cycling of dedicated servers. As part of regular dedicated server maintenance it is a good idea to reboot at lest once a month, your IPMI gives you the convenience of being able to do that from anywhere with internet access. There are times when your dedicated server may become unresponsive, it is at these times that you will need remote console access. Once again, your dedicated server IPMI will prove to be a valuable tool in these situations. Once you log into your IPMI you will be able to launch an IP-KVM console session. This will pop-up a Java window that will remotely show you what is happening on your server, as if you were virtually standing in front of it with a keyboard, video monitor, and mouse plugged in. IPMI is an important tool for dedicated server administration. It includes the ability to quickly perform server reboots at anytime and from anywhere that has internet access; including your smartphone. IPMI also features remote KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) ability, so your server administrator will always have access, even when remote desktop or SSH is not an option. PingPipe recognizes that our clients want control over their dedicated servers, and with this in mind we provide IPMI access at no additional charge. Our solid support services are always available if you ever have questions, and IPMI is there for you as an added level of control you will have over your dedicated server day-to-day administration.

Transfer Files Remotely to a Dedicated Server with Radmin

After signing up for a new Windows dedicated server you may be wondering what is the easiest way to transfer files to it. You may also need a way to administer your new server when you do not have access to remote desktop. Radmin is a great solution that addresses both these needs, and best of all you can try it before you buy it. Radmin is a remote administration software, you can download a demo version at anytime, or ask your PingPipe sales representative and we will include a demo version on your new dedicated server at no additional cost. Radmin itself is made up of two parts: a module that you install onto your dedicated server, and a viewer that you install on your computer. Once you have installed the server-side module it is easy to setup access accounts and passwords for it, allowing you remote access to your server from any computer that has the viewer portion available. When you connect to your dedicated server using Radmin you will be able to remotely and control your server's mouse and keyboard. Transferring files to your server is as easy as dragging and dropping. Another way some people use Radmin is to allow several people to view a server's desktop. PingPipe has partnered with the manufacturer of Radmin and is now offering full licensed versions  to all new and existing clients. at great pricing. If you would like to purchase a copy for your dedicated server or have any questions about Radmin features and benifits contact the PingPipe sales team today.  

Dedicated Server Sandy Bridge to Savings

Take advantage of the Intel Sandy Bridge dedicated server special now underway at PingPipe.  Sandy Bridge is the next generation in high efficiency from the team at Intel, and has  just launched promotional pricing that includes a E3-1230 Quad Core 3.2 Ghz processor, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, and 1TB SATA2 hard drive starting at  just $195 per month, with available discounts for up to an additional 10% in savings. There are a number of upgrades available including solid state hard drives, and there is never a setup charge on these dedicated servers.  For a limited time Sandy Bridge server savings are available at the PingPipe datacenter facilities in New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Surf over to today for your Intel Sandy Bridge summer server savings.

New Jersey VPS now available

PingPipe has again expanded the virtual private servers that it offers with the launching of VPS servers in New Jersey. It's easy to upgrade from your current provider to a VPS with PingPipe, we can move your site for you for free, and provide initial operating system optimization and security hardening.  Your new VPS will be fully scaleable and will come complete with free backups every other night, full root access, your choice of control panel, guaranteed network and server uptime, and more.  PingPipe solid support services are available 24/7/365 to assist you if you ever need help with your virtual private server.  We've just launched our VPS service in New Jersey and orders are coming in fast, visit today for more information and to sign up.