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Voipswitch Dedicated Server Promotion

For a limited time PingPipe is celebrating summer with some hot new pricing on our hosted Voipswitch dedicated servers. We've brought down the price and added some features like the Reseller and Calling card modules at no additional cost to you. All of our hosted Voipswitch servers include genuine licensed software, two brandable softphone dialers for you to distribute to your clients, the ability to make calls from areas that VOIP is usually blocked (like the UAE), and many more features.  Check out for detailed  informaiton and to sign up.

Voipswitch Modules for Free

For a limited time PingPipe is including the Reseller module, Callback module, and Calling card module with all new hosted Voipswitch dedicated servers.The reseller module is mutli-level with a user-friendly web based interface. It can be configured in a variety of languages to accept multiple currencies, and comes complete with active calls monitoring and advanced reporting.  The callback and calling card modules open your business to whole new revenue streams.  Usually this package costs $85 additional per month, when you order your PingPipe hosted Voipswitch dedicated server we include all three add-on modules for free ! Choose your server location in secure data centers in New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. PingPipe hosted Voipswitch dedicated server rental includes:complete installation and continuous software updates of your genuine Voipswitch license, a multi-protocol class 5 softswitch, integrated client billing, comprehensive management interfaces, real-time traffic and systems performance monitoring, we interfaces for end-users, the ability to send sms, address book, etc, two pc-to-phone dialers (one SipLink and one Vippie), voip tunnel software allowing your clients to make voip calls from area that are usually blocked, all backed up with 24/7 available client support services.  The PingPipe guarantee includes 100% network uptime and premium bandwidth, visit to sign up for this great hosted Voipswitch dedicated server solution.

Expand your VOIP business with PingPipe  has a just launched great new promo featuring an Intel X3220 dedicated server (Quad Core 2.4 GHz, 8GB RAM, 250 GB SATA hard drive) and genuine VOIPSWITCH software to support up to 350 concurrent voip calls.  Now is the best time to start or expand your VOIP business with this powerful dedicated server and PingPipe premium bandwidth and 100% network uptime guarantee. Contact the PingPipe sales team for more information about our complete line of fully customizable dedicated servers and to sign up today.

Intel i3 Dual Core Dedicated Server Promo

Spring is in the air and here at PingPipe we're celebrating with a new promotion that features Intel i3 dual core dedicated servers. As with all of our specials these servers include 6000 GB traffic on a 100 Mb/s port (additional traffic can be ordered at anytime, and our optional upgrade to 1 Gb/s uplink port is always available.  The Intel i3 is a powerful 3.06 Ghz dual core processor, and we've bundled that together with 2 GB RAM and a 500 GB SATA hard drive at a great price of just $120 per month. Best of all, setup is free and we don't ask you to commit to any long term contracts.  We guarantee 100% network uptime and super-fast connectivity to the internet backbone, visit today for more information and to sign up !

Quad Core Servers on Sale

PingPipe has increased the server processing power in its monthly hosted Voipswitch dedicated server promotion. For all of April you can get an Intel 3430 Quad Core server with 2GB RAM, 160 GB SATA hard drive, Windows operating system, 6000 GB traffic on a 100 Mb/s port and  licensed Voipswitch software for just $349 per month, including free setup. Servers are available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle, and for only $30 more per month you can choose our New York location. All of these servers include our 100% network uptime guarantee. Visit to see all of our dedicated servers on sale (starting at just $99 per month) and to order yours today !

Voipswitch with unlimited concurrent calls

As an authorized Voipswitch partner, is pleased to offer a wide variety of dully customizable hosted Voipswitch dedicated server solutions. All of our packages include your own dedicated server and come with genuine Voipswitch licenses, we offer solutions for 150, 350, and unlimited concurrent calls. Your server will be hosted on our rock-solid network an in your choice of location: New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Visit PingPipe.comtoday for more information and to sign up !

Dedicated server sale has just started a great dedicated server sale.  We have a limited number of Intel Harpertown dual processor dedicated servers with 12 GB of RAM and two 750 GB SATA hard drives included at special dedicated server blowout pricing of just $255 per month: Dual Intel Harpertown 2 x quad core 2.33 GHz 12 GB RAM 2 x 750 GB SATA hard drives These servers are available in our Dallas and Atlanta facilities, and come with 6000 GB traffic every month on a 100 Mb/s port. You can  add traffic or upgrade to a 1 Gb/s uplink at anytime, and there are many available options. PingPipe has  never before offered Harpertown dual processor dedicated servers with 12 GB of RAM and 2 x  750 GB SATA  hard drives with such a low promo pricing. Place your order today from our multi-processor server page on our website or contact the PingPipe sales team for more information.

Dedicated Server and hosted Voipswitch solution

PingPipe dedicated servers are your softswitch hosting solution, complete with with a 100% network uptime guarantee and multi-homed premium bandwidth. Our current specials include an Intel Dual Core dedicated server with 6000 GB traffic and a 100Mb/s port starting at just $99 per month. Or choose an Intel Quad Core 2.8Ghz dedicated server with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA hard drive, and with 6000 GB traffic and a 100Mb/s port for $165 per month. We can customize a dedicated server solution to your exact specification. We also have monthly dedicated servers available that include genuine Voipswitch licenses in the monthly rental cost. Dedicated servers available in Washington DC, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Visit the homepage to order your new dedicated server today!

99 Reasons to Choose PingPipe Dedicated Servers

Let's admit it: for quite some time now many web hosting companies have failed to keep pace with the marketplace when setting traffic limits on their dedicated server rental packages.  These companies have low included traffic levels,  which leaves their clients in a position that they want to generate traffic for their server...just not too much traffic so they will have to pay overages. PingPipe takes the stress out of bandwidth invoicing with our selection of dedicated servers, with monthly hosting specials that include 6000 GB of traffic on a 100 Mb/s uplink port at no additional charge, and the ability to upgrade your included bandwidth at anytime. Having a dedicated server configuration that is both powerful enough to handle future needs and cost-effective in today's marketplace, and we've just uncovered 99 more reasons to choose PingPipe for your web hosting solution. Each of those reasons is an included GB of traffic with our new high traffic dedicated servers.  We now have available Intel Quad core and Dual Quad core dedicated servers with two 500GB SATA hard drives, up to 12 GB included RAM and 99TB traffic on a 1 Gb/s dedicated port for less than $250 per month in Washington, DC.  Contact the PingPipe sales team today for more information.

Intel Dual Core Dedicated Server Special

PingPipe has a limited number of Intel dual core dedicated servers available at special sale prices. All configurations include 6000 GB monthly traffic on a 100Mb/s uplink port, as well as our 100% network uptime guarantee.  Our exceptional managed services and solid technical support services are always there to help you. You'll have full root/administrator access and the ability to seamlessly upgrade at anytime to a quad core server. This promotion is available for a limited time only, order your specially priced dual core dedicated server with PingPipe today.