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How to Transfer Files Remotely to a Windows Dedicated Server.

After signing up for a new Windows dedicated server you may be wondering what is the easiest way to transfer files to it. You may also need a way to administer your new server when you do not have access to remote desktop. Radmin is a great solution that addresses both these needs, and best of all you can try it before you buy it. Radmin is a remote administration software, you can download a demo version at anytime, or ask your PingPipe sales representative and we will include a demo version on your new dedicated server at no additional cost. Radmin itself is made up of two parts: a module that you install onto your dedicated server, and a viewer that you install on your computer. Once you have installed the server-side module it is easy to setup access accounts and passwords for it, allowing you remote access to your server from any computer that has the viewer portion available. When you connect to your dedicated server using Radmin you will be able to remotely and control your server's mouse and keyboard. Transferring files to your server is as easy as dragging and dropping. Another way some people use Radmin is to allow several people to view a server's desktop. PingPipe has partnered with the manufacturer of Radmin and is now offering full licensed versions  to all new and existing clients. at great pricing. If you would like to purchase a copy for your dedicated server or have any questions about Radmin features and benifits contact the PingPipe sales team today.  

VOIP for HTC mobile phones

voip for mobile phones HTC mobile phones can make and receive VOIP calls using your Voipswitch with PingPipe.  The client software for your mobile phone is available as a free download from the PingPipe Client Area. HTC Dash™, HTC Dash 3G™, HTC Imagio™, HTC Ozone™, HTC Shadow™, HTC Tilt™, HTC Tilt2™, HTC Pure™, HTC TOUCH Diamond™, HTC Touch Pro™, HTC Touch Pro 2™, HTC Snap™, HTC Wing™, HTC ppc6800™, HTC XV6800™, HTC xv6900™ all support this application. The Windows mobile phone plugin for your Voipswitch dedicated server can also be ordered at anytime via a support ticket from the PingPipe Client Area.

Windows 7 is so last week

It's already last week since Microsoft released the latest version of  its client-side operating system, Windows 7.  Time is flying by faster than a Mylar balloon in the Colorado wind. Co-incidentally with the release of Windows 7 there was a new store opening of a  local big-box electronics retailer.  They were offering a bunch of specials, one of them was on an HP laptop that included Windows 7. We were enticed by the siren-call-promise  of  "minimum 10 per store" and dutifully joined a rainy soaked lineup at 9:30 AM last Friday in anticipation of the 11 AM opening. It was oddly reminiscent of lining up for (insert your favorite band name here) tickets.  We haven't had much of a chance to test out Windows 7  yet, but so far it appears to be faster than Vista, and so far hasn't asked us to double-confirm that yes, we want to do a routine task. For our laptops, Microsoft Windows is the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon of operating systems. We keep saying we will stop, but every time they come up with a new way of delivering the product we buy it.