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Locked out. What is KVM?

When you lock yourself out of your car or house it is easy enough to call a locksmith;  locking yourself out of your dedicated server is a whole different level of frustration. It is easier than you think.  All it takes is one mistake when configuring a software-based firewall, and then you are no longer able to log into your server as root Administrator. The easiest way to address this is with KVM access to your server.  KVM is short for Keyboard Video Mouse, it gives you a separate IP to access your server and launches a Java-based screen that is like you are virtually standing in front of a video console plugged into your server.  KVM also gives you the ability to remotely power cycle your server at anytime, via the same separate IP address. Many of the dedicated server solutions available at PingPipe include KVM and remote reboot f0r free. On the internet, having redundancy  is very important. Let me repeat that: on the internet, having redundancy is very important. Suppport services are always available to physically reboot your dedicated server at the network level, the free KVM that is included on PingPipe dedicated server specials is a great value-added bonus of also always having an alternate way to reach the login prompt of your dedicated server. Visit to check out all of the current dedicated server specials that include your own KVM with remote reboot and free setup !

Voip training on video

If you are new to the voip industry and not sure where to get started, you can rest easy with PingPipe.  Voipswitch dedicated servers with PingPipe have full training available, and we are always building out the PingPipe knowledgebase with reference articles and downloads.  There are also times when it's easier to understand software when you can actually see how it works. The team over at Voipswitch have a channel on youtube, and they've been busy uploading lots of great training videos. Whether you're an experienced user or brand-new to the software, it's a great technical resource. Of course, if you ever have any questions that you can't find the answer to in our knowledgebase on on youtube, helpful Voipswitch software support is always available from the PingPipe client area. There has never been a better time to start a voip business or upgrade your current dedicated server. PingPipe has fully scalable voip solutions available starting at just $488/month. For more details and to schedule a demo contact our friendly sales team.

Now with more Knowledgebase.

Support is important when choosing a dedicated server provider, especially when your business depends on it.  When PingPipe partnered with Voipswitch, software support was in the forefront of our discussions. They agree with our  corporate philosophy of always exceeding expectations, and have extended access to their online knowledgebase to all PingPipe clients. Our knowledgebase is growing daily as we build out a support article database for Voipswitch software. If you ever have any questions that we haven't answered yet just enter a support ticket from the PingPipe Client Area, and the next available technician will respond. Both PingPipe and our partners are committed to constantly exceeding your expectations.