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Your company logo branded VOIP softphone

All of the Voipswitch dedicated servers that PingPipe offers includes a great way to spread your company image.  During your server setup process we'll ask you if you want to have your company name and logo on your PC-to-Phone dialer. You'll also have a choice on skins, allowing you to pick the dialer color combination that best suits  your logo design. [caption id="attachment_551" align="alignleft" width="162" caption="PingPipe voip for mobile phones"]PingPipe voip for mobile phones[/caption] This option is a great way to market your company image, and it's even available for mobile phones! PingPipe has dedicated servers available with licensed Voipswitch software included to support 200, 500, and 1000 concurrent calls. To see all of our pre-configured solutions click here. We also have the ability to custom configure servers to your exact specifications, and offer a wide range of dedicated servers with massive amounts of Premium Bandwidth included.

Blackberry module for Voipswitch now available

A SIP client for the Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold has recently been developed, and PingPipe is offering it to all clients using Voipswitch software for a one-time low cost, for an unlimited number of users.  It supports the g711 codec, and connectivity over Wifi, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS, as well as VOIP tunneling (so now your Blackberry can work from areas where VOIP is usually blocked, or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls. This option can be added to any of  Pingpipe dedicated servers, for more details contact our sales team today !

VOIP for HTC mobile phones

voip for mobile phones HTC mobile phones can make and receive VOIP calls using your Voipswitch with PingPipe.  The client software for your mobile phone is available as a free download from the PingPipe Client Area. HTC Dash™, HTC Dash 3G™, HTC Imagio™, HTC Ozone™, HTC Shadow™, HTC Tilt™, HTC Tilt2™, HTC Pure™, HTC TOUCH Diamond™, HTC Touch Pro™, HTC Touch Pro 2™, HTC Snap™, HTC Wing™, HTC ppc6800™, HTC XV6800™, HTC xv6900™ all support this application. The Windows mobile phone plugin for your Voipswitch dedicated server can also be ordered at anytime via a support ticket from the PingPipe Client Area.

Forward a phone number to a voip phone

A phone number assigned to a user account on your Voipswitch dedicated server with PingPipe. can receive calls on his softphone or sip device or can set call forwarding directly from a web portal. A good example of how call forwarding can be used would be if one of your clients is living and working in Dubai and has a family living in Pakistan. The user orders a DID (phone number) in Pakistan usually for a small monthly price. Then he goes to a client web portal and configures his call forwarding to forward all calls to his local number in Dubai. When his family from Pakistan wants to call him they just dial local number and hear his phone in Dubai ringing. When (and only when) the user answers the family pays for the connection at the same rate as for a local call. Your client user would pay for forwarding to his Dubai number but at the rate you charge them for service. PingPipe makes it easy to start a voip company, we have configurations that will support from 200 to 1000 concurrent calls, and beyond. For more information visit our voip dedicated server page.

Sony and LG mobile phones and VOIP

All PingPipe dedicated servers with Voipswitch installed include software that will allow your clients to make VOIP calls from most cellular/mobile phones, including Sony Ericsson. The software client for your phone (called Vippie) supports g729, g711, GSM and ARM codecs, and as available  for clients as a free download from the PingPipe client area. This software will allow you to use your Sony and LG mobile phone to make and receive SIP calls from behind any VOIP blockades/firewalls by using the proprietary voip tunneling  that is included with the Voipswitch software.  Also included are: integration with your phone's address book, displayed balance information, real-time call status updates, and more. Supported models include the LG KT610, LG KT615, and the Sony Ericsson Satio. PingPipe offers a number of dedicated servers that include Voipswitch software - starting at just $488/month. For more information and to get started right away contact our sales team.

Android mobile phone and VoIP

Voipswitch software for your client's that use Android mobile phones is now available as a free download from the PingPipe client area. The main features of the software include:
  • • The user can make and receive SIP calls.
  • • The ability to make outgoing and receive incoming SIP calls from behind VoIP blockades/firewalls in any region.
  • • The address book from the mobile phone is fully integrated with the voip mobile software.
  • • Redial button
  • • Real time call data records are logged
  • • The latest calls are logged on the softphone.
  • • Last call cost and duration.
  • • Check the rate of any phone number before making a call.
  • • The softphone records the Balance information.
  • • Loudspeaker.
  • • Audio control.
  • • Sending and receiving SMS (over SIP).
Mobile phones that run the Android operating system include:  Dell Mini3i,  docomo HT-03A,  ERA G1, General Mobile DSTL1 Imaginary,  Google Nexus One,  GW620 Eve, HKC Imobile v413,  HKC Pearl, HTC click, HTC Dragon, HTC Dream,  HTC Droid Eris, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, HTC Sapphire, HTC Tattpp, Huawei U8220, Lenovo OPhone,  MOTO MT710, Motorola Calgary, Motorola CLIQ, Motorola DEXT, Qigi i6, Motorola Droid, Motorola Milestone, PP5420, Samsung Behold II, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung I5700, Samsung I7500, Samsung Moment, Samsung Spica, SciPhone N19, SciPhone N21, T mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile G!, T-Mobile G2 Touch, T-Mobile Pulse, and Tiger G3. In addition to the regular lineup of self managed dedicated servers, PingPipe now offers a variety of dedicated servers with genuine VoipSwitch software installed.

Blackberry mobile phone and VoIP

VoIP callback software for Blackberry mobile phone is available as a free download from the PingPipe client area. After install instead of paying for outgoing calls you will be only be charged for incoming calls.

Samsung mobile phone and VoIP

VoIP software for Samsung mobile phone is available from the PingPipe client area downloads The following models are supported: Samsung SGH-G810, Samsung SGH-i400, Samsung SGH-i408, Samsung SGH-i450, Samsung SGH-i458, Samsung SGH-i520, Samsung SGH-i550, Samsung SGH-i550w, Samsung SGH-i560, Samsung SGH-i568, Samsung SGH-i570m, Samsung SGH-L870, Samsung GT-i8510 (INNOV8), Samsung GT-I7110, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD With this software your clients will be able to use their Samsung mobile phones to make and receive voip calls.

Nokia mobile phone and VoIP

Now the clients you host on your voip dedicated server with with PingPipe can make and receive voip calls on their mobile phone. VoIP software for most popular Nokia smart phones is available for download in the PingPipe client area.