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New York City Dedicated Server Rental

New York City is a great location to choose for your dedicated server rental, as it is the world's financial capital there is superior global connectivity available. The PingPipe datacenter facility in New York City is located in Manhattan, and close to Wall Street and includes our 100% network uptime guarantee. It is located between two power grids and also has backup diesel generators available, so there is always available electricity for your dedicated server. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 hit the New York City infrastructure hard, but all of our client servers stayed online 24/7. The PingPipe dedicated server datacenter in New York City is physically secure, with on duty security personnel and authorized entry only after a biometric hand scan. As with all of our facilities, we are always monitoring the network to protect against dDos attacks and have 24/7/365 available solid support services available to all clients. PingPipe and New York City is the number one choice for leading Forex, VoIP,  and busy e-commerce providers. For more information visit our webpage devoted to New York City dedicated server hosting, or contact the PingPipe sales team for a customized configuration and price quotation. PingPipe is more than ping, power, and pipe in New York City. PingPipe is maximum dedicated.  

Dallas VPS Valentine Promo Special

Dallas, VPS: Deep in the heart of Texas there is a Valentine Promo Special at the PingPipe VPS datacenter in Dallas, Texas. This February, all month long, for Dallas VPS your choice is We stand behind our vps servers in Dallas with the PingPipe commitment to our 100% network uptime guarantee and 99.9% server uptime for every VPS in Dallas with redundant Dallas premium bandwidth redundant. Wait, What? I saw what you did there. PingPipe virtual private servers Valentine Promo Special is only for a limited time, visit  and sign up for your Dallas VPS web hosting solution today !

10 TB traffic with all Dedicated Servers

All new dedicated server orders with PingPipe now include 10 TB traffic per month.  It's no problem if you need even more transfer, we have also added great new pricing for up to 100 TB/month  dedicated just for you. In addition to our regular dedicated server offerings we're extending the increased monthly included bandwidth to all new  VOIP dedicated servers as well. With our 100% network uptime guarantee and 10 TB transfer PingPipe is committed to your online business success. Contact our sales team today for more information or to sign up !

Intel i3 Dual Core Dedicated Server Promo

Spring is in the air and here at PingPipe we're celebrating with a new promotion that features Intel i3 dual core dedicated servers. As with all of our specials these servers include 6000 GB traffic on a 100 Mb/s port (additional traffic can be ordered at anytime, and our optional upgrade to 1 Gb/s uplink port is always available.  The Intel i3 is a powerful 3.06 Ghz dual core processor, and we've bundled that together with 2 GB RAM and a 500 GB SATA hard drive at a great price of just $120 per month. Best of all, setup is free and we don't ask you to commit to any long term contracts.  We guarantee 100% network uptime and super-fast connectivity to the internet backbone, visit today for more information and to sign up !

Dedicated Server and hosted Voipswitch solution

PingPipe dedicated servers are your softswitch hosting solution, complete with with a 100% network uptime guarantee and multi-homed premium bandwidth. Our current specials include an Intel Dual Core dedicated server with 6000 GB traffic and a 100Mb/s port starting at just $99 per month. Or choose an Intel Quad Core 2.8Ghz dedicated server with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA hard drive, and with 6000 GB traffic and a 100Mb/s port for $165 per month. We can customize a dedicated server solution to your exact specification. We also have monthly dedicated servers available that include genuine Voipswitch licenses in the monthly rental cost. Dedicated servers available in Washington DC, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Visit the homepage to order your new dedicated server today!

Get Your Game On

All work and no know the rest of the saying. It's a jungle out there in the business world and the last thing you need is more stress. Usually. Some kinds of stress can actually be relaxing, like the kind of stress you encounter during online gameplay. More and more of our business clients have been also renting PingPipe dedicated servers for after-work online gaming. They know that the PingPipe 100% network uptime and power availability guarantee will let them concentrate on some serious gaming. Based on their feedback, we've added a page to the PingPipe website that is focused on gameserver hardware. Just like all of our dedicated servers, the configurations that we have listed are fully customizable and are available in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. We include 6000 GB of traffic every month, and a 100 Mb/s port by default. Your gameserver hosting package with PingPipe is easy to upgrade when you need more traffic on want a 1Gb/s port,  both can be done at anytime  - all that's needed is a support ticket from your client area and the upgrade will be quickly completed with no disruption to your online play. Get your game on with PingPipe.

Hosted Voipswitch pricing special

There's now even more great value available with PingPipe hosted voip solutions, today we announced the new Monthly Specials section of our website. where we are listing a very limited number of  for our dedicated servers featuring genuine Voipswitch licenses with additional savings over our monthly rental for select hosted voip dedicated servers. This month you can get your own Intel Dual core dedicated server in Los Angeles, complete with a monthly license for Voipswitch software (150 concurrent calls) , and 6000 GB premium traffic on a 100 Mb/s port,  all at a savings of $40 from the VOIP150 regular price. If you need a more powerful dedicated server for your hosted voip solution in a different city that's no problem. Our website also has other hosted voip packages available as well in New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle. PingPipe is an official partner of Voipswitch, and all of our pre-configured hosted voip solutions you choose your server will include a genuine authorized license.  Continuous monthly software updates from Voipswitch are included for free, and support is always available from the PingPipe client area. We will also custom configure dedicated server hardware to your exact specifications, and you'll always have the peace of mind that comes from our 100% network uptime and power availability guarantee. For additional information please contact the PingPipe sales department.

Free setup on dedicated servers

For a limited time PingPipe has lowered setup fees on dedicated servers to FREE! Most of our dedicated servers already include 6000 GB traffic on a 100Mb/s port,  and together with our Premium Bandwidth and solid server hardware and 100% network uptime guarantee now is a great time to sign up for a new server. We have servers available in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and all include a 100% network uptime and power availability guarantee. Need additional hardware customization ? No problem. Contact our friendly sales department to get started today!

Quad Core Server Sale

Great news! We've lowered the monthly cost on our most popular Quad Core servers Order now and save over $200/year !
  • Intel Quad Core Q6600
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SATA
Sign up with PingPipe and have your dedicated server hosted with Premium, non-oversubscribed bandwidth - 100% network uptime and power availability with no packet loss to our upstream providers - guaranteed.

Save on setup

PingPipe has  lowered the setup cost on all dual processor dedicated servers. Get up to 12 GB of RAM and 6000GB Premium traffic included for just $49 setup - half off our regular setup cost for these servers. Choose your dedicated  server with PingPipe  in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle and enjoy peace of mind with 100% network uptime, 100% power availability and our zero packet loss guarantee.  Redundant high capacity providers ensure that data will always be routed on the quickest route to the internet backbone with non-oversubscribed Premium bandwidth. For more information visit the PingPipe homepage, or contact our sales department.