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Locked out. What is KVM?

When you lock yourself out of your car or house it is easy enough to call a locksmith;  locking yourself out of your dedicated server is a whole different level of frustration. It is easier than you think.  All it takes is one mistake when configuring a software-based firewall, and then you are no longer able to log into your server as root Administrator. The easiest way to address this is with KVM access to your server.  KVM is short for Keyboard Video Mouse, it gives you a separate IP to access your server and launches a Java-based screen that is like you are virtually standing in front of a video console plugged into your server.  KVM also gives you the ability to remotely power cycle your server at anytime, via the same separate IP address. Many of the dedicated server solutions available at PingPipe include KVM and remote reboot f0r free. On the internet, having redundancy  is very important. Let me repeat that: on the internet, having redundancy is very important. Suppport services are always available to physically reboot your dedicated server at the network level, the free KVM that is included on PingPipe dedicated server specials is a great value-added bonus of also always having an alternate way to reach the login prompt of your dedicated server. Visit to check out all of the current dedicated server specials that include your own KVM with remote reboot and free setup !

Price Drop – Hosted Voipswitch Quad Core Dedicated Server

We have just lowered our pricing on hosted Voipswitch quad core dedicated servers. Your monthly rental includes a licensed Voipswitch and additional modules together with your own powerful quad core dedicated server complete with remote reboot and 10 TB premium traffic on a 100 Mb/s port for just $368 per month, with free setup. Other hosted Voipswitch solutions are available starting at $269 per month, as well as dedicated servers that are ideal for any other softswitch of your choice.  Visit us today at for more information and to sign up.

10 TB traffic with all Dedicated Servers

All new dedicated server orders with PingPipe now include 10 TB traffic per month.  It's no problem if you need even more transfer, we have also added great new pricing for up to 100 TB/month  dedicated just for you. In addition to our regular dedicated server offerings we're extending the increased monthly included bandwidth to all new  VOIP dedicated servers as well. With our 100% network uptime guarantee and 10 TB transfer PingPipe is committed to your online business success. Contact our sales team today for more information or to sign up !

Network Uptime Guarantee

Your number one choice for dedicated servers and hosted VOIP solutions is Our Service Level Agreement includes a 100% network uptime and power availability guarantee and every hosted Voipswitch dedicated server with PingPipe includes 6000GB traffic on a 100Mb/s uplink port. We've got fully customizable configurations available that will meet every need. Visit now for more information and to sign up. **Don't settle for anything less - Choose**

Free branded pc to phone dialer

Promoting your voip business just got easier. When you choose PingPipe for your hosted voip softswitch solution a pc-to-phone dialer branded with your company name and logo. Your Vippie softphone is  a PC-to-phone dialer that you and your clients can use for calling any land-line or mobile phone,  worldwide.  VOIP tunneling is built-in so no matter where your clients are located you can be their provider for local and long distance telephone calls, SMS over IP and instant messaging direct from their computer desktop. PingPipe hosted Voipswitch dedicated servers include a free upgrade: when your dialer is being built developers can include your company's name and logo for no additional charge. Every time your clients use their softphone your company name and logo will be prominently displayed. It is additional marketing that will help your business grow, and best of all it is included free with your hosted voip solution. Genuine Voipswitch licenses bundled with your own powerful dedicated server and 6000 GB traffic are available for rent on a monthly basis. Leave yourself more time to focus on your core business of being a voip provider, PingPipe premium bandwidth and always on electricity guarantee that your server will always have fast reliable connectivity to the internet backbone. It is easy to get started today, for more information contact the PingPipe sales team or visit the special page that is available on the PingPipe website.

Get Your Game On

All work and no know the rest of the saying. It's a jungle out there in the business world and the last thing you need is more stress. Usually. Some kinds of stress can actually be relaxing, like the kind of stress you encounter during online gameplay. More and more of our business clients have been also renting PingPipe dedicated servers for after-work online gaming. They know that the PingPipe 100% network uptime and power availability guarantee will let them concentrate on some serious gaming. Based on their feedback, we've added a page to the PingPipe website that is focused on gameserver hardware. Just like all of our dedicated servers, the configurations that we have listed are fully customizable and are available in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. We include 6000 GB of traffic every month, and a 100 Mb/s port by default. Your gameserver hosting package with PingPipe is easy to upgrade when you need more traffic on want a 1Gb/s port,  both can be done at anytime  - all that's needed is a support ticket from your client area and the upgrade will be quickly completed with no disruption to your online play. Get your game on with PingPipe.

Hosted Voipswitch promo extended

The initial response to our monthly hosted softswitch promotion has been terrific, and we're continuing the excitement with new dedicated server PingPipe promo pricing for your own hosted genuine Voipswitch in both Dallas and Chicago. The savings are incredible,  $40 per month off our standard pricing for a Voipswitch license that will support 150 concurrent calls,. It gets even better, though:  for a limited time PingPipe is waiving the setup charge. Get free setup and $40 monthly savings for the life of your Voipswitch license rental, and hosting on your own dedicated server in state-of-the-art data centers.  Your server will be protected by our network wide protection available against distributed Denial of Service (dDoS) attacks, and have 6000GB traffic included every month, on a 100 Mb/s uplink. These servers are moving fast, and inventory is very limited. Order yours today.

VOIP calling card features

PingPipe makes it easy to start or upgrade VOIP service provider services.  Customize the greetings your calling card clients hear from your Voipbox module for Voipswitch that is available on PingPipe self-managed dedicated servers. With just a few modifications when your clients call your company number to activate their calling card or add funds to their account they’ll hear your unique company voice and greetings.  AS a recognized official partner PingPipe has a  wide variety of self-managed dedicated servers available, all installed with Genuine licensed Voipswitch software.For additional information and details on alternative configurations please contact PingPipe sales department. Here is a partial list of the audio files that you will have available to add your voice to : "your account has been created" "you do not have sufficient funds in your account" "the party you are calling is busy" “you have entered the invalid card number. Please re-enter your card number followed by pound key” "please press one for English or two for Spanish" “Welcome to voicemail” “Your welcome message has been saved” “Your call has been transferred to voicemail system, please leave the message after the tone” For additional information and details on alternative configurations please contact PingPipe sales department.

Your company logo branded VOIP softphone

All of the Voipswitch dedicated servers that PingPipe offers includes a great way to spread your company image.  During your server setup process we'll ask you if you want to have your company name and logo on your PC-to-Phone dialer. You'll also have a choice on skins, allowing you to pick the dialer color combination that best suits  your logo design. [caption id="attachment_551" align="alignleft" width="162" caption="PingPipe voip for mobile phones"]PingPipe voip for mobile phones[/caption] This option is a great way to market your company image, and it's even available for mobile phones! PingPipe has dedicated servers available with licensed Voipswitch software included to support 200, 500, and 1000 concurrent calls. To see all of our pre-configured solutions click here. We also have the ability to custom configure servers to your exact specifications, and offer a wide range of dedicated servers with massive amounts of Premium Bandwidth included.

Your own business website

PingPipe is  happy to announce our latest option for our self-managed dedicated servers:  you can now have your own website created for you to market your VOIP products.  All of our dedicated servers for voip include both end user and administrator interfaces, and now you can get a customized website designed that will allow you to better market your business online, complete with links to display your VOIP rates and products, and more. Special pricing on dedicated servers including genuine Voipswitch software to support 200, 500, and 1000 concurrent calls has been extended, and when you add the option of a designer-built website with PingPipe it truly has never been easier to start your own VOIP business.