VOIP for HTC mobile phones

voip for mobile phones HTC mobile phones can make and receive VOIP calls using your Voipswitch with PingPipe.  The client software for your mobile phone is available as a free download from the PingPipe Client Area. HTC Dash™, HTC Dash 3G™, HTC Imagio™, HTC Ozone™, HTC Shadow™, HTC Tilt™, HTC Tilt2™, HTC Pure™, HTC TOUCH Diamond™, HTC Touch Pro™, HTC Touch Pro 2™, HTC Snap™, HTC Wing™, HTC ppc6800™, HTC XV6800™, HTC xv6900™ all support this application. The Windows mobile phone plugin for your Voipswitch dedicated server can also be ordered at anytime via a support ticket from the PingPipe Client Area.

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