which location for a dedicated server

PingPipe gives you the choice of where you have your dedicated server. For most people who want their servers to be in North America it really doesn’t matter which city you choose on the dedicated server order form Our central US (Texas) location is popular with online gamers who want super low latency to all parts of the US and Canada. Lots of companies with VOIP servers choose our Virginia location. There’s superior connectivity to both Europe and the rest of North America there, due to it’s close proximity to Washington, DC, New York City, and the rest of the US east coast. Our California location (west coast) is in the most populated area of the most populated state in the the US. Our main upstream provider connects from there to network points of presence in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, New York. Atlanta, and Miami. Businesses in Asia and Australia love this location. The low latency to their home countries is great, and by choosing PingPipe they also have fast connections to North America and the rest of the world. PingPipe only uses premium bandwidth. Traffic within North America is always quick, no matter which of our facilities you choose to host your data. If most of your traffic will be from outside North America, for the quickest downloads choose the PingPipe location closest to your online visitors when deciding on your server hardware.

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