Your company logo branded VOIP softphone

All of the Voipswitch dedicated servers that PingPipe offers includes a great way to spread your company image.¬† During your server setup process we’ll ask you if you want to have your company name and logo on your PC-to-Phone dialer. You’ll also have a choice on skins, allowing you to pick the dialer color combination that best suits¬† your logo design.

PingPipe voip for mobile phones
PingPipe voip for mobile phones

This option is a great way to market your company image, and it’s even available for mobile phones!

PingPipe has dedicated servers available with licensed Voipswitch software included to support 200, 500, and 1000 concurrent calls. To see all of our pre-configured solutions click here.

We also have the ability to custom configure servers to your exact specifications, and offer a wide range of dedicated servers with massive amounts of Premium Bandwidth included.